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Quest Protein Review


I'm really excited to share yet another Quest review with you! I've tasted a few protein bars before, not that many, but so far my favorite has probably been the Quest bars. :) I love that Quest makes their products taste so good that you actually crave them. I've heard or read many times that people just can't find a delicious tasting snack, but you won't have to feel like that once you try Quest!

To start, I would like to once again thank Quest for so generously sending us these products to review. :) It has been a super enjoyable experience for the Nutrisimo crew to taste each of the amazing protein bars! Eager to know how they taste? Great, keep reading! 

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I was really looking forward to trying the Strawberry Cheesecake Quest bar, and I was not disappointed. Yes, the Quest bars have been raved about, and you may wonder if they are really as good as people say. My answer is 'yes.' They are absolutely fantastic! You'd never think that a protein bar could really have the flavors that these do - it is incredible. Not just are the flavors amazing, but the ingredients are good for you! Take a look at the Strawberry Cheesecake nutrition facts below:

 The Strawberry Cheesecake Quest bar was so unique from the other bars. It had a really fruity flavor on behalf of the strawberry, but not so much of cheesecake. If I could improve this bar, I would strengthen the cheesecake flavor and make the texture of the bar a little creamier. The taste was definitely similar to the White Chocolate Raspberry Quest bar, but I personally preferred  the Strawberry Cheesecake bar to the other. I did microwave this bar for about 17 seconds, which really enhanced the flavors, but I'm sure it would be really tasty without microwaving it too! :) This bar would be perfect used in a cookie recipe to give it a creamy texture and berry flavor. I was very pleased that this bar didn't contain any sucralose, since some of their other bars do, so that was an extra bonus! Overall, I highly enjoyed this bar and would say it's definitely a keeper!! 

P.S. Keep reading, because Michaela is going to share with you her thoughts of the Quest bars...


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Before I start- it's Michaela! The Quest bar that I'm going to tell you about is the Vanilla Almond Crunch. Ready for my insight on another of Quest's products? Keep reading!

Okay, I feel like I keep on saying this, but I was really anticipating trying this bar. It just looked good from the wrapper. Anyway, I didn't use it in a recipe, because I just wanted to get the un-tampered flavor of the bar. Again, I microwaved it for around 17 seconds to bring out the flavor. And it was  delicious! 
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What I love about Quest bars is that when you open them up, instantly an amazing flavor wafts from the package. It was very unique from the other bars because it didn't have that fruit flavor; however, it had a great vanilla taste in it, and even some crunchy almond bites were spread throughout the bar - very unique! I loved how it was creamy and crunchy all at once- definitely a winner. :)

I'm completely serious when I say this, but this Quest bar didn't even taste like a protein bar! It tasted like I was eating dessert. :) This would make a delicious treat to have once in a while before or after your workout. 

Love, love this pic. Thank you, A Spoonful of Sunshine!!
There are also some recipes that use this bar on Quest Nutrition's YouTube channel that look really good, so I'd suggest looking there if you want to make it in a recipe. Following are two of the videos I found that use this bar. 


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