Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sally's Baking Addiction Cookbook Giveaway!

Hello everyone...

Happy Sunday! I'm so, so sorry for the delayed post. I've been pretty busy with everything lately.
I'm super excited to share something with you today! Can you guess what it is? A GIVEAWAY!

Super sweet Sally from Sally's Baking Addiction is hosting a giveaway here on Fit 2 Be for her cookbook! Thank you so much, Sally - and also Katie from Quarry Spoon :) Are you ready to enter?

Giveaway Entry Rules:

1. You must comment below with your name and email address
2. You must become a follower of this blog
3. Giveaway is only open only to the US, Canada, and UK

Open through: May 18th - June 10th

Now that you've completed these two tasks, please go head on over to Sally's blog! Please share this around the web! We appreciate all your support for Fit 2 Be :) Have a wonderful Sunday...


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  1. Leah Herbas

    1. Thank you so much for entering! Sally has a wonderful cookbook, and I'm so glad to share it with you! :)

  2. Anna Phelan ( xo

    1. Thank you so much for entering, Anna! I'm so excited that you entered :) Possibly you are the lucky winner! I hope that her recipes come in handy. Once again, thanks for entering!