Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yum! Quest Pasta

Hello there you all!

It's another beautiful day, right? As you know, we were blessed by Quest with the opportunity to review their amazing products. We are thrilled that we have been given this opportunity, and we're super excited to share our opinions with you!

Today we are featuring one of their newest products, which you already know what it is from the title of this post. We were really excited to try it, 'cause who knew you could make pasta extremely healthy for you and actually taste like real food?

Quest Spaghetti

What you need:

4 cloves garlic

1/4 onion 

olive oil

4 olives

2 or 3 mushrooms (optional)

3 tbsp. Parmesan cheese

2 tsp. evaporated milk or regular

2 tsp. water

1/8 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. oregano 

Make sure you rinse your noodles really well before cooking. They do, like many people said, smell sea-like. Upon opening, you get a fishy/ocean smell. Don't worry, it doesn't effect the taste! 

Flash boil the noodles for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse again. Now they are ready for usage.


To start off, add some oil to a pan, then finely chop your garlic and your onion and add that as well. Wait until the garlic and onions have cooked lightly before adding your noodles.

Once you've added the noodles, sprinkle on some salt and pepper. Once that is completed, add some chopped olives into the pan. 


Now that the noodles are cooked, begin making the sauce. 

Get out a small bowl or container. Chop some mushrooms (optional) and toss them into the bowl. Now measure out your oregano and cheese and add that as well. Microwave the contents for 25 seconds. 

Now that that is warmed up a little, add your evaporated milk, water, and salt. Stir it up, and then add it to the noodles in the pan. 

Yummy! It looks amazing already. WAIT! Don't take a bite until the end. I know it's tempting, but just hold on and don't taste it...

Dice half a tomato, and have two basil leaves on hand. They're both optional, but let me tell you... they definitely add something to the recipe!

Place the noodles onto a plate, and then cover it in the diced tomato. If you want, you can lightly cook the tomatoes before adding them to your noodles. 

After adding your tomatoes, place your two basil leaves on top to give it a finished look. And... VOILA .... you're done!

Eat and enjoy!

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OH! I almost forgot! Here's some shots we got during the taste testing with Elena from The Whole Fruit. 


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