Friday, August 8, 2014

Quest Pasta

Hello there!

We're super excited today because we're back with our last Quest review! *tears fall*
It has been so amazing getting to review Quest's products and share them with you all :) Thank you everyone for continually stopping by for our posts, 'cause we love hearing your opinion and love your support.

So if you're ready to hear our thoughts about this product, then keep reading....

Quest Fettuccine Pasta



Olive Oil

Bell Pepper


To get your pasta ready for cooking, you need to begin by rinsing it off for a few minutes and then flash boil for about three. 

WARNING: the past has a fishy/sea smell. Don't worry about it, because it doesn't effect the taste at all.

 Now that your pasta has been flash boiled, begin by chopping a few cloves of garlic and then adding it to your pan with olive oil. Let it cook lightly, and then dice a pepper and an onion and add that also.

Now all you have to do is pour your veggies on top of your pasta, and then eat and enjoy! I topped it with some sliced almonds, but that is completely optional :)

Here's a picture of the pasta served on a plate and ready for eating!

Thank you for stopping by! Have an amazing day, and keep shining for HIM :)


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