Sunday, August 3, 2014

On a Quest

Hello there!

It's been a little bit, since we've posted, but no worries... we're here to stay! Today is our final post containing our reviews for the Quest Protein Bars. We hope you're as excited as we are to share with you our thoughts about their products! Let's begin...

* Cookie Dough *

I love cookies, in fact, I love mostly anything sweet. If you do too, we wanna know,  so comment! Anyway, I have always loved making cookies because I get to nibble on some of the chocolate chips, taste the dough (YUM), and then get to enjoy it completely finished while drinking a cup of milk. How would you like it if you could get all that from a single protein bar that is actually good for you? That's just what Quest did!

I loved that this bar wasn't too much of the dough flavor, but that it had a sufficient amount of chocolate in it. This was one of my favorites because it cures a sweet tooth while giving you a burst of energy. I really love that it has all the same flavors that cookie dough has. It has a sweet, chocolatey flavor and a little bit of saltiness. It definitely makes your taste buds happy! I definitely enjoyed this protein bar!

* Banana Nut Muffin *

Muffins are amazing. Please don't disagree! I have never tried a Banana Nut Muffin, but it sounds good. I love Pumpkin muffins, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, any kind really, so if you have a protein bar that tastes like one- give it to me please! 

Quest made an amazing bar. It tastes just like a muffin. It tastes like a nice ripe banana, it tastes nutty, and it tastes like perfection in a bar! I had seen some reviews about this bar, and a certain percentage said that it had an over-powering banana flavor. If you were a little unsure about it, than please, let me have the final say. The mixture of banana and nuts was perfect. Quest did a great job!! Neither flavor was over powering, but in fact there was just enough of each. I didn't warm it up, but I can imagine that doing so would make it taste even better! Why don't you head on over to their site and treat yourself to a box of them. Sound good?

* Cinnamon Roll *

Yum. I loooove cinnamon rolls! Give me one any day of the week! 

I tried this protein bar before I had an intense workout, and let me tell you something.... it was GOOD!
Let me re-phrase that. It was GREAT. You get what I mean :)

I loved the uniqueness of this Quest bar. It was unlike all the other protein bars of theirs that I've tried. The consistency of the bar reminded me of a candy bar. It was stuffed in a backpack that had been in the car, so it probably had been warmed by the heat inside the car. Anyway, it was softer and less chewy than their other bars. The flavor was more cinnamon than cinnamon roll, I personally thought, but hey, not every bar is perfect :) I liked that the cinnamon taste wasn't overpowering, but that there was enough so it tasted similar to a cinnamon roll. 

I love the fact that after I eat I Quest bar, they definitely satisfy me for a while. While that is a plus, another bonus is that I personally feel energized after I eat them. I love that the bars not only taste good, but increase your energy level and satisfy you. I know that from previous experience, I would eat a protein bar and feel hungry 30 minutes later. Also Quest bars are really low in sugar. Unlike other protein bars, they give you a lot of protein and less sugar. The only thing that was a little bit of a downer was that you got a slight aftertaste of sucralose :( As much as I like Quest, I really dislike that some of their bars have sucralose. Otherwise, this bar was a winner!

* Cookies and Cream *

I heard so much about this Quest bar. It was advertised everywhere. No matter where I went, I found that somehow this bar was advertised there, too. So, as it was, I was really eager to try it. Results...

The bar was simply amazing. I loved every single bite of it. I loved the intense cookie flavor which was in every bite, and the consistency was amazing too. It was simply awesomeness in a bar. It had many chunks of the actual cookie and then the cream inside, so it gave it a little crunchiness to the bar, which was... super nice!!

It's so hard to say which is a favorite because they are all so good, but this was definitely one of the very best I have tried. It's worth every dollar you spend on it. I am so excited to head over to GNC soon and get me some more bars! 

Thank you so much, Quest, for allowing us to review these bars. You are such an awesome company, and we love all of your products! 

* Quest Cravings *

I had been so eager to try these too, because I and heard so many great reviews about them! It was Quest's version of a Reese's PB Cup, and I love those! 

To start off, I was impressed that Quest made the taste so similar to an actual PB cup. It was a great first try, but I honestly I didn't love it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't horrible, but it was, in my opinion, only okay. I had so much looked forward to eating it that my hopes were so high. I'd love to see Quest improve the taste. 

I felt as though it tasted slightly bitter, though the peanut butter flavor masked it somewhat. It was great that they took healthy ingredients and turned it into a sweet treat. Maybe it would be better warmed up, but I wasn't extremely impressed. 

I would probably give it a three out of five stars. It wasn't horrible, but I think it could be improved. 
I'd love to see Quest continue tweaking the recipe, and then I'd taste it again, but currently I wouldn't re-buy them. Maybe in the future! Maybe...

Thank you so much, Quest, for sending us these bars to review! We love getting to try each new flavor created in your kitchen :) 

Have a blessed day everyone, and keep shining for HIM!

*All opinions in this review are our own. 

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