Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Top 5 Favorite Breakfasts

Good morning! :)

I hope that you are having a fabulous day so far. I know I am. This morning I woke up bright and early - actually dark and early - at 3:30 A.M.

I was sooo happy! For some reason, I have been getting up so late. It's like I can't get out of bed until 7:00 or 7:30 A.M. - it's crazy! I prayed last night that the Lord would wake me up and make me get up. He is so faithful.

All glory to God I woke up and had such a productive morning. I had a lovely time reading my Bible and spending time in prayer. Then I was able to do an awesome exercise, get my chores done, and take a quick shower. By then I was ready for some breakfast, so I sliced up some cantaloupe and banana, and had a marvelous breakfast. :)

"O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him." - Psalm 34:8

It's an awesome day so far!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few of my favorite breakfasts. Although I do enjoy experimenting with different recipes and mixing it up a bit, I find that there are certain meals that I tend to repeat a lot.

Then there are some breakfasts that I just absolutely love, even if I don't have them all the time. This post will be a mixture of my go-to breakfasts, and my favorites. We'll start with my favorites, and then move on to my most common meals.

#1 Peanut Butter Oatmeal

This looks very plain, but the flavor is amazing. I'll have to share this recipe with you soon. I usually add some raisins, cinnamon, and coconut flakes, but this bowl was very simple. It is sooo good.

#2 Granola w/ Yogurt

I've been meaning to share this recipe for a while. I'll see if I can post it this weekend. My sister makes amazing granola. It is a super simple recipe, but it tastes amazing! It's super crunchy and flavorful. I love having this granola with some fruit and yogurt, but it's also great with milk.

#3 Egg White Oatmeal Protein Pancake

I absolutely LOVED this breakfast. It was so delicious and so satisfying. My favorite blogger - Julie Fagan from Peanut Butter Fingers - always seems to be eating this. She raves about them, and I had been wanting to try this pancake for a while. I've only had it once, but it was so fantastic, I know I will be making this many more times. My pancake didn't look as beautiful as Julie's, but it tasted awesome, and I am so glad that I got to try it.

#4 Vanishing Veggie Quiche

This quiche is the best I have ever had. It is soooo mouth-wateringly good, that I cannot describe how amazing this is. I love having this for breakfast, but it is a fabulous lunch or dinner. Yum. This is one of the best meals ever. We always make a large pan of quiche, but it never lasts long. I will be posting the recipe very soon. Perhaps I shall work on that tonight. I have all the pictures ready to post, I just have to type up the recipe.

#5 Peanut Butter Protein Shake

I love having this shake after my morning run. This shake is absolutely amazing! It comes out like a smooth ice cream sometimes. I love how refreshing and filling it is. This shake holds me over until lunch, so I don't need a snack in between. This shake is also a great cure for a sweet tooth, so I like to have it as a treat every once in a while. If you like having something a bit sweet in the morning, or enjoy shakes after your workout, I highly recommend this one. I love it!


Alright, that was all five! But... I can't resist telling you about this goodness. I eat this practically everyday. It is my go-to meal for busy mornings. I love how quick this is to throw together, and it's so good for you too!

So I guess this makes 6 Favorite Breakfasts, but 5 sounded better, so we'll leave the title with that. ;)

#6 Sun Egg & Broccoli

I have this practically every day. In this picture I had two eggs, but I usually have just one. I also add some sliced onion and minced garlic to the broccoli when I sauté it. I love having this with a cup of green tea. It is so delicious. Broccoli is one of my very favorite veggies, and I love having it for breakfast with some yummy eggs. It is so GOOD!

Well, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this post of my favorite breakfasts. Hopefully this gave you some ideas and inspiration for your own morning meal. Which one of these do you think looked the best? Please remember to follow Fit 2 Be on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Also, please subscribe to the blog to get the latest posts delivered straight to your inbox. :)

Have an awesome day and may God bless you all!

What is your favorite breakfast?
Are you a "breakfast person?"

Love & Grace,

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