Thursday, January 2, 2014

Eat Clean 2014 Challenge

Happy New Year!

I am so excited to finally share this challenge with you! I have been developing this for the past few weeks, and I am really eager to see how you like it. I think you'll find it challenging, but not unrealistic - it's actually very simple. Each month, I want you to abstain from one - only one - certain type of food. Is that easy, or what?

For example: 
January is the month of no processed grains. Basically, that means no white bread, white pasta, chips, cookies, crackers, etc...
Personally, I have decided not to have any processed grains - whether they are wheat or white. So you see, you can adjust this challenge to meet your personal levels and fitness goals. I know that I feel really good when I cut back on processed grains and reduce my intake of carbohydrates. So for this month, I am focusing on nourishing my body with lots of fruits and veggies.

Now this challenge is not meant to overwhelm you or make you feel deprived. The goal is simply to reduce less beneficial foods, and to increase our intake of good healthy food. If an occasion were to arrive - such as a wedding, anniversary, birthday - I am not suggesting that you restrain from the foods that are off limits for that month. You must make the decision that is best for you.

Remember, our focus is not to feel deprived and unhappy; but rather, to be a happier, healthier person.  I want you to make wise choices, and to truly respect your body. Nourish your body with healthy, wholesome foods. I know that every once in a while, you will indulge - I will indulge. Sometimes, a bit of indulgence is what keeps us sane. It is actually good to treat yourself every once in a while. Let's keep in mind that moderation is key to success. Don't overwhelm yourself with limitations and restrictions, but aim for a balanced healthy lifestyle.

In this challenge, you can make the decision whether to carry things over into the next month, or to stop after the deadline. It's really up to you whether or not to include certain foods back into your diet the next month, or to continue abstaining from it.

I believe there will be many things that you will add back in, and many that you will choose to cut out completely. I know that for myself, it isn't realistic to say that I won't eat dairy or meat for an entire year. I think it would be a beneficial challenge to go without those foods for a month, but I know that for myself, a year would not be realistic. However, for things like high fructose corn syrup, processed snacks, sodas, and juices; I know that I could probably abstain from those completely. I'm sure that there will be a few days in the year where you ( and I) will indulge a bit. Obviously, if it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, I will definitely be having meat, dairy, sweets... you get the picture.

Just a quick note - if you are a vegan or vegetarian, perhaps some of these months do not apply to you. If so, you can always repeat certain months, adjust it to meet your personal diet, or simply focus on eating clean for that month.

Well, that's all folks! :)
I wish you all a very blessed and prosperous new year. May our beautiful and gracious Lord fulfill the desires of your heart, and bless you in every possible way. I pray that God  would bless you with great success in your health and fitness journey, and that you would be filled with the joy, love, and peace of our great Lord.

Thank you so much for reading. It means so much to me, that you take the time to read these posts and comment, and share your thoughts with me. You guys are awesome! :)
Please remember to comment below and let me know if you are accepting this challenge. I am here for you, so please let me know if there is anything I can do. I want to be your personal encourager and supporter, so please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. :)

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I am so eager to hear your thoughts on this challenge, so please comment and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Lots of Love,

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