Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Ways To Slim Down 4 Summer

Hello my friends!

It's another beautiful, sunny day here in Florida! Thank the Lord that mostly every day is this nice. I can hardly imagine waking up each morning to a dark, drear-looking sky that make me want to cuddle up next to a warm fire and drink hot chocolate. Sounds nice though, huh?

Since summer is here, and everyone is trying to slim down and get that perfect, bikini body, I have some great tips to let you know how you can do it. Whenever I look at my twitter feed all I see are ways to lose weight quickly and how to get the 'perfect' body for summer. It seems like that's what everyone wants. Well sometimes the advice that is given isn't so good. What I mean is that it isn't healthy to do these things to your body. But in a world were skinny is the 'perfect body', how can you expect anything other than that? So here are some really good ways to slim down for the summer. :)

1. "Drink 8-10 glasses of water, and only water, every day. Cut out all those sugary soft drinks and juices and load up on water. Not only will you save money, cut a large amount of unnecessary sugar from your diet and facilitate fat metabolism, you will end up eating less because water fills you up. So before you devour your long-awaited lunch, chug a full glass of water." -10 Slim Down Tips

2. Swap long hours at the gym for interval training. Studies show that doing high-intensity workouts "increase your metabolism and burn calories long after you workout."

3. Eat breakfast. We always say that. Are you wondering why? Studies show that when you skip a meal, you blood sugar drops exceedingly low, and your metabolic rate slows. This results in hunger and lack of energy which leads to over-eating. 

4. Fill up on anti-fat foods. Those are... fruits. Simples as that! Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, so they actually help rid the body of water and bloating. Melons, grapes, tomatoes, etc. are all great fruits and vegetables to start adding to your diet.

Those are all great ways to slim down for the summer, but here is a way you can flatten your stomach (definitely) and actually lose a little weight: Try Temple Cleanse!

Temple Cleanse is designed to gently cleanse your colon from impacted waste. It not only cleanses your colon, but also will jump-start your wight loss! Try Temple Cleanse today! 

Seriously, have an absolutely amazing weekend, and don't forget... SHINE FOR HIM!

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