Thursday, September 25, 2014

5 Ways to Stay Well in Winter

Wait, What?

It happens nearly every time the weather changes - people start to get sick. Runny noses, coughs, and colds all run rampant during a change of season. Why? simply because when the weather changes, and the fall/winter season comes around again, it weakens our immune system - not necessarily makes us sick as is a common thought today. Therefore, it is extremely important to be 'healthifying' your lifestyle especially during the changes in season. Following are seven tips to stay well during the weather change.

1. Get Moving!

With the change in weather, and your body more susceptible to disease, exercise is vital. Not only in keeping yourself in shape for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas, but also just for your immune system. Exercising helps in strengthening the heart and lungs, and aids in spreading certain disease-fighting cells to diverse parts of the body, getting you ready for an immune system attack. You definitely do not want to over-workout, because that will hurt you more than help. Over-exercising wears down your body instead of building it up. Remember, all things in moderation.

2. Don't Cheat Now!

Eating a clean, balanced diet is probably one of the very best things you can do to keep sickness at bay, and not just during a change of season, but all through the year. Going green in your diet does amazing things for your health. Clean eating is one of the best things to do for sickness prevention because the food you eat is literally the fuel for your body, and if you don't fill yourself with good stuff, you won;t get anything good out of it. That's why eating fruits and vegetables is so good for you, your filling yourself with food that is great for you, and because of it, your energy level goes up, you feel better, and the results show very clearly. This leads to my next point:

3. Bottoms Up!

Yes, that means just what you think it means - drink more water. Water flushes toxins from your body and gives your systems a nice clean up. The recommended amount of water for an adult should be eight 8 ounce bottles of water, that is equivalent to a half gallon or two liters. And don't just drink when you're thirsty, if you're thirsty then you're already beginning to get dehydrated. Drink all the time. I've found that the best way to get yourself drinking more often is to have a bottle of water always with you. So drink up, and clean up your system!

4.  Dream On...

You need to get your rest to stay healthy. Do yourself a favor and get to bed at a reasonable hour. The recommended hours for an adult to sleep a night is 7 to 9 hours. How can you expect your body to fight off disease if you are fighting to stay awake during 
                  the day. So get your beauty sleep tonight!

5. The Little Things Matter

Although taking vitamins is one of those obvious things that you should do to prevent sickness, I'll still mention it because it's important. However, some of us just hate (some of us actually can't) swallow pills. If you are in this category, and even if you aren't this still works amazingly, you may just want to try using using this Heavenly Greens powder. Paired with the other tips given already, you'll have an edge over that oncoming wave of disease that gets us every year.

A Closing Thought

Going out of your way to take care of your body is not something that should only be done a few times a year. It's a lifestyle that is possible for YOU! I know you can do it. Living a balanced lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean dieting for the rest of your days. It's about choosing the better option when the choice comes, finding contentment in your own skin, and overall just being happy with who you are. So at least for today, choose to change your life for the better. 

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